It’s not about where we come from …

by Anjali Gaur

It doesn’t matter where we come from, what defines us is what we do with our lives. There is a huge difference between being born with privileges and creating our own privileges. And the struggle to create a desired life is what defines us. We are defined by what we do for ourselves, not by what is given to us or what we are automatically entitled to.

There are several celebrities and business men who have achieved everything in life by starting from scratch, their journey has been from zero to hero. The enigmatic and ultra-innovative founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf was orphaned as a child and worked for a Swiss watch manufacturer. He later started his own business while in London. He worked hard his whole life and has left a lifelong legacy of the most luxurious watch where most of the profit is given in charity. Shah Rukh Khan, a Bollywood movie star had started his career with absolutely no one to back him up, without any godfather in the industry and has succeeded to be the heartbeat of millions of people worldwide, the King of Bollywood; the second richest actor in the world.

Such inspiring individuals were not born with a silver spoon; they did not let where they come from or what was expected from them dictate their life. Instead they paved their own path and created a life bigger than any dream. They teach us that life is not about what is given to us but rather what we do while we are alive.

There are tons of people around the world surviving on welfare and taking pride in the country’s ability to sustain their lifestyle, as impressive as it sounds, some of them can come across as extremely ignorant and proud for something they have not done anything to achieve. I wish we could use common sense to understand that we do not go through an application process and be born in a country due to our merit or what we deserve, we are just born, anywhere. So being patriotic is a lovely sign of love and attachment, but a false sense of superiority based on where you are born is plain stupid.

A person who is born in a comfortable place and lives in the same place until death, has lived a very ordinary average life, with little or no challenges or obstacles to overcome. Whereas a person who is born and lives in a not-so-comfortable environment and works to achieve an impressive life with dedication and a great vision is someone who has lived a BIG life.

When we are out experiencing new cultures and lifestyles, everyone else will admire our courage and drool over our travel photos and think we are living the life. What they often forget is that wherever we go, there will always be challenges due to ignorance of people. With time of course the impact it has on us will reduce because we learn how to cope with it.

  • Don’t let your past define you. Drop the most traumatizing aspects of your culture and while travelling or living abroad pick habits and values that resonate with you.
  • Don’t let people put you in a box.
  • Don’t let people put you down in order to satisfy their ego.
  • Stop trying to justify your life choices or your success. There is no need to feel guilty living a good life, those who are envious don’t deserve to stay in your circle anyway.
  • Go everywhere, be curious, keep an open mind. Learn about yourself and what makes you happy then make it an integral part of your life.
  • Have boundaries and honor your space.

We are only defined by what we do; not by what happens to us. What is necessary is to create a life we desire and remember to LIVE.

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