Places to Visit: St. David’s Cathedral, Wales

Places to Visit:

St. David’s Cathedral, Wales: – How to get there and location can be found by clicking here.

St. David's

Since the 6th century there has been a church on this site.  For the past 1500 years prayer and worship has been offered to God on a daily basis which continues to this day.

A brief history of the cathedral can be found here.  This gives a timeline from foundation to present day.


David was born in the year 500, the son of St Non and a prince of Ceredigion.  Legend states that Non gave birth to him on a cliff top during a violent storm.  The present cathedral stands on the site of the monastery he founded in the inhospitable area known as ‘Glyn Rhosyn.’  David and his followers lived a simple life; they refrained from eating meat or drinking beer.  David’s symbol, now a national symbol of Wales, is the leek. For more on the history of St. David from the Cathedral see here.

Our review:

The first thing to note is: location. There is no getting away from the fact that for the majority of people, visiting St. David’s Cathedral will be a long journey. If you look at its location it is on the very edge of Pembrokeshire. Unless you live in South-Wales then it will be a trek to get to the cathedral. The roads are mainly ‘B’ roads and very few dual-carriageways.

However, once you arrive at St. David’s, you will soon realise it was worth all the effort. The shrine of St. David is obviously a major focus of visiting the Cathedral and complex. The site does have some areas that have to be accessed via stairs or up steep paths. There is still plenty to see for those who need greater accessibility. Guided tours are available but need to be booked in advance. St. David’s is one of the few Cathedrals where after paying a small fee you can photograph and video as much as you would like.

Overall, the journey is long to get to St. David’s. There is plenty to keep all ages occupied. The small city of St. David’s is well worth a visit as there is plenty of book shops and lovely cafe’s. When we visited we visited other Castles and historical building on our way back from our visit to maximise our time. There are plenty of other historical buildings on the journey or not too far off the path.

One last note: mobile phone coverage is poor to nothing most of the time and for a good portion of the journey.

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