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About ‘The Historical Examiner’?

 In late 2016 the site was founded by Jane Scott, a historian and writer with a passion for history and for sharing it with the public. The plan is to reach as wide an audience as possible with her love for history.

There are certain buzz words that are frequently used when projects are started. One phrase that is particularly topical is ‘Public Engagement’. But, how easy is it for the public to engage with history? This is what The Historical Examiner is all about.

Part of the issue was how do you present a project and its findings to the public without ‘dumbing’ it down, or without it being over the heads to those who read about it. This surely must be one of the greatest difficulties for those involved with academic and scientific research? However, the public should have an opportunity to engage with the information and research findings.

How to get academics and writers to share their research and interests in a manner that many can access, and at a level that suits all readers?

It was not only public engagement that motivated the setting up of The Historical Examiner. There is a need to create a place where writers, authors, and academics could share their work outside of the too often closed world of academia and publishing. Publicly held events can at times be intimidating and not necessarily aimed at the public, as they need to be on mailing lists or have links within all the different universities.

The world of publishing is often seen as a hard world to get into. We aim to change that.

The Historical Examiner is here to bridge the gap between academia, publishing and the public. It is here to offer all writers and academics the chance to share their work and research with people in general. The Historical Examiner is an avenue for your voice to the public, and communities of the world.

Get Involved…

Contributions are encouraged from new writers, established academics and those who share our passion for history.