Our advertising free policy

Why we are an advertising free site…

We thought it would be worthwhile explaining to our readership our thoughts on advertising.

At the Historical Examiner, we value our readership and in turn, easy access to the fantastic articles that our writers create.

As our readership grows there is a temptation to add advertising to monetise the site.

It is very much a temptation… all those readers and impressions, all those potential clicks that make real money.

We’ve even went so far as to look at it… it’s easy to add to any site, but then the reality of it all kicked in…

The beautiful site that we spent a lot of time and effort becomes cluttered by some pretty ugly content that we have little to no control over.  This in turn ruin’s the look and feel of the site, and just makes the articles more difficult to read.

Further to this, the advertising world has some nefarious practices… as we’ve found out, so we’ve decided to go advertising aggregator free… and they won’t be coming back, not now, not next week, not ever….

What we are willing to discuss is carefully placed, tasteful sponsored placements and clearly defined sponsored articles which are both tasteful and in keeping with the site, its overall design and message. If this is an option that you wish to discuss further with us, please head to the contact page and get in touch.

So, this is not to say we won’t try to make the Historical Examiner self-sustaining financially, however we’ll do this in an ethical and clean way. A way that is in line with our ideals of bringing great historical articles and information to our wonderful readers.